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To become successful you must be a person of action.
Merely to "know" is not sufficient.
It is necessary to both know and do.

- Napoleon Hill

Canadian Immigration Success Stories - Page 3



Del, Russ,

Sorry I've not been in touch for a while.  I am back in Abu Dhabi now. As you are already aware, our interview was a big success and we are really grateful for all the support, concern and everything you put in professionally to get us through.

The informative interview tips really got us over-prepared for the interview, boosted our confidence level and made the interview a "walk-over". We did follow all your pre-interview instructions and the visa officer was really impressed by our composure and orderliness at different stages, and at a point, could not help bursting out to tell us "you guys are over-qualified".

Del, Russ, we cannot find the right words or combination of words with which to express our profound joy and gratitude for all the efforts you put in to get us through. We are really overwhelmed and particularly impressed by the high level of commitment, concern, professionalism and unyielding support you gave at different stages of our application.

Our written compliment is just not enough to match the weight of our gratitude. We are looking forward to meeting you face-to-face in Canada, sometime soon, to say a big "thank you".

Joseph Onireti
December 8th 2004



From Kerala to Oman to Canada

To all you internet surfers out there,

Choose AI and you wont be disappointed! I can say that with confidence.
Coming from a middle class family in Kerala and presently working in Oman with lot of queries, doubts and fear about immigrating I am thankful to both Russell and Del for all their support guidance and advice.

Del (who personally handled my application) provided excellent service, was right on task and had a very professional approach.

I am quite lucky (or I can say my God had shown me the right place) to have chosen Avatar Immigration for my journey to Canada. Ms. Del submitted my application and AICC received it on the 29th of Oct, 2004.  I later got the file number on only the 18th Nov, 2004. Simply remarkable!  It was really tough to believe that I got my file number within barely 20 days of the submission of my application in London.

All I did was follow instructions given by Russ and his team and AICC took care of everything else.  I am so delighted today that I am short of words to express my family's excitement.  I assure you that AI will make your dreams of immigrating to Canada come true. So please don’t get worried and don't think twice before signing up with them .

"Now Faith is the substance of the things that we hope for and the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1.

Thank you for the world class service you provided to me.

Saji Thomas
November 23rd, 2004
Muscat, Oman

Like most people who are looking to emigrate to Canada, we spent quite some time trawling the internet in search of help and guidance and just never found anyone who we felt we could put our complete trust in.

In the end we spoke with a number of consultancies and solicitors, but where others took days to answer, Del got back to us ASAP, in spite of the eight hour time difference. She never promised us things that were aimed just to get you to sign on the dotted line but at all times was genuinely positive and encouraging.

We made the decision to go with AI and time and again it has proven to be the right decision. They have a second to none understanding of the immigration process and know exactly what information to put in the application. They concentrate on the detail but never loose sight of the big picture. They are what I call “people, people” if that makes any sense.  By that I mean that they are always aware that it is the future of the people they are representing that they are dealing with and to us... the poor folk sat in the dreary old UK waiting for a snippet of information to do with our dreams of our life to be in Canada.

The immigration process is hard.  It means putting your life “on hold” to a great extent, and whilst we realize that personally we could still have another year before getting a decision we are not unduly concerned as we know that with Avatar watching out for our interests we are in safe hands.

Having just read what I have written so far I understand that to someone reading this with no prior knowledge of the way that Avatar works it sounds a bit sycophantic and almost like an advertisement……it’s not meant to sound that way.  It’s just simply how we feel.

If you are reading this and considering a decision as to what to do or who to have represent you look no further. Having been in contact with other people in the same position as I am, and who are also putting their hopes and dreams in the hands of AI, they all feel the same.  AI really does care….. On my birthday I got a call from them just to wish me a happy birthday.  No big deal, right? That’s what I thought until I realized that with the time difference it was the middle of the night there in Vancouver, and Ryan had either set his alarm or just stayed awake to make the call.

Whilst I am sure that there are other consultancies out there that probably are capable and equally professional, where Avatar win hands down is with the customer care. They are there for you all the time no matter how silly the question may seem or how trivial.

For example, when we had to pay the government processing fees, our UK bank made a mistake with the draft.  Not only did Del point this out when they received it but to keep things moving quickly, made a draft from AI's funds to keep the process moving smoothly and quickly while we made a new draft to send them.

I’ll finish with a question. It’s quite a simple question but gets to the difference between Avatar and the rest.  If this is your dream, what price do you put on your peace of mind? Because that’s the extra that you get with Russ the knowledge that while you get on with your day to day stuff they are working on your behalf.

John, Alison, James,
Rebecca and Grace Adams
November 19th 2004,
United Kingdom


Hi Russ you immigration wizard,

My name is Norman and I am from Inner Mongolia.  I am both amazed and ecstatic to say that in less than 5 months I received both my file number and a waiver of interview!  I have no words to express my gratitude to you except to say I am your man! Anything you need I will do!  AVATAR CANADA IMMIGRATION CONSULTANCY worked a miracle for me.

Russ is a professional and precise director and makes sure that his clients get what they pay for.  It took me some time to understand that for Russ there is nothing done half-way.  In the beginning he drove me crazy when he demanded documents that, I thought weren't important whatsoever.  If you want to achieve amazing results please, take my advice... never question him and do as you are told and the results will come sooner than you ever imagined!  I am a living example of it. He really knows what he is doing! Guaranteed!

In addition I would also like to say that the whole process was made so much easier with the help of Del, who always made sure that no documents were missing and I never needed to wait for her reply.  It is my great pleasure to be a client of this kind company and let me tell you that their service is truly worth every penny.
The staff at AI have my gratitude for all they have done for me.

Truly yours,
Norm Cerny
Inner Mongolia, China
November, 17, 2004

P.S.  It is my honor to recommend AVATAR CANADA to anyone who wants to be successful with their applications.

Hi, my name is Mark and just want to let anybody trying to migrate to Canada know that Del, Russell and the staff at AI are your people.  I was living in Vancouver, Canada in 2003 on a work visa when at the end of it all I decided I would love to become part of the country for a longer period of time.  This is when I found out about AI through an English buddy who
was successful in his efforts to migrate to Canada by using Russ.

My next step was to call and inquire about what was involved.  The whole process seemed daunting and a long way from completion but I was leaving Vancouver in a couple of
days and thought I just had to give it a go.  Russ was awesome and was got to the task at hand right away,  He even delivered some paper work across the city to me personally just so that I could get started on things before I left for Australia.

So I went back home and got to work collecting all the documents Russ said I needed.  Del was great at giving me objectives and time frames within which to work so that I really new where I stood.  Anyway, to sum up the results, I received my file number in an amazing 11 days from the date of submission, and received a waiver of interview with medicals in just under 6 months! 

My dream has come true and I owe it to myself and more importantly to Russ and Del without whom this wouldn't have happened!

Choose AI and you wont be disappointed!
Mark from Australia
(shortly from Canada)
November, 15, 2004


Hello Russ & Team

Just wanted to say thank you for helping us get this far.  We are looking forward to when we can one day thank you for getting us to Canada.

We would be delighted to allow you to put us on your site for a referral, I will put something together ASAP and get a photo of all of us.

Best Regards,
Allan, Tracie and Demi Tooke

United Kingdom
November, 2, 2004

Hi Russ,

Very glad to hear that we have been granted a waiver of interview. This means you have shaved off 8 months of waiting time in the queue. This also means I don't have to fly to New York where my case was filed earlier. Wow!

My wife and I are very excited at the good news. I have sent you our last payment as per our agreement. Thank you very much Russ. Thank you for the call late last night even though it was way past your office hours.

To any Indonesians wishing to use Russ's service just get in touch with him and I would be happy to give you a personal referral if need be. But in short, don't waste any further time. I waited too long but finally I thought that my future life in Canada would be too risky to turn into a 'Do it yourself project".

Kind Regards,

T. J. California USA
November 1st 2004


Dear Russell & Del,


Thanks very much for the good news!  It seems We have been waiting for a long time (since February 2004), but considering other people’s cases, it was pretty fast to get the waiver of interview. Indeed it was very surprising, as we did not anticipate it would happen so soon. My wife and me were in no doubt that our case is in good hands. Now our case is in good shape and  will be taken good care of. Del and Russell, we admirer your patience, judgment, capacity and capability, everything……… We do appreciate your effort and professional approach. We have another wish, which is to see you guys (Del & Russell) in person ASAP………


Thanks again from the bottom of our heart and God bless you all at ACIC…


Wish you all the bests,

Fahmida & Shahinur

Carbondale, IL

November 24th 2004

** Anyone interested to learn about AI, please do not hesitate to



Dear Russell,

I wish to use this time to thank you for a job well done so far. You and your staff (especially Del), have demonstrated a very professional and caring attitude towards the processing of my family's immigration to Canada.  While we were waiting for an interview from the Canadian embassy, you sent us news that our interview had been waived and our medicals issued!

This was a great surprise and a big relief for us.  In addition, this means that we do not have to travel all the way to Indonesia for the interview like we were expecting to.  This saved us both a lot of money and a lot of time and we pray that the Almighty God will continue to strengthen you.  Hopefully and by God's grace we shall see you in Canada soon and we shall demonstrate how you have affected our life personally.


Many thanks and regards

Dave Nwabor & family.
October 18th 2004

After moving to the US from Kerala, I still wanted more for my family, and so today I am extremely happy and proud to say I am a PERMANENT RESIDENT of Canada. God has opened the door to a New World of opportunities.

"Now Faith is the substance of the things that we hope for and the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1.

Whenever I speak to Russell about my worries he immediately asks me to remove the thought from my mind because he has taught me that "We attract situations into our life based on how we think and what we think of".

Russell's last minute advice on landing proved invaluable and on August 13th we landed in Vancouver as permanent residents. We had hired AI for its landing services and as a special favour, Russell offered to meet us in person at the airport.  It was so nice to see someone I had known  for so long (Russell) when I first touched down in Canada. 

As recommended, we stayed at the Holiday Inn in North Vancouver which was very convenient because it was only 5 minutes away from Russell's office and 15 minutes away from his home.  We stayed in Vancouver for only 3 days but during this time Russell took us to several parks, beaches, nice restaurants, and most importantly gave us an excellent overview of the real estate market while visiting some Open Houses in the area.

He has done a marvelous job in both preparing us for landing and introducing us to the Canadian culture. We’ve already purchased some of the excellent books that he suggested and are well on our way to establishing a successful future in Canada.

Thank you for the world class service you provided to us.

Warm Wishes,
George John Manoj and Family.
Connecticut, USA,
October 16th, 2004



Dear Friends,

I feel very happy to write my testimonial so that you will know and learn how my experience has been with AI. After living in the United States for more than 16 years, I realized that the American dream to secure my legal status was not a possibility for me. I exhausted my limits and resources by hiring a couple lawyers and consulting with many other legal experts in the immigration arena in the United States. However, the outcome was always the same: “ unable to secure my legal status”.

I was beginning to feel that even though I have a secure employment, attend school on a part-time basis and serve my community as a volunteer in many community events; I was lacking one important aspect in my life, my sense of freedom. Not having a secure legal status has been a barrier in my search for self- actualization. Nevertheless, I was determined to be a member of a society that will accept my skills and so my search began! I navigated the Internet and I found AI after almost giving up on my quest. I remember clearly the words of Mr. Monsurate, when he called me directly at my residence, he said: “ I am confident I can get you through… have faith and begin now” that day, I placed things into perspective and I was thinking very careful about Mr. Monsurate’s words. I found that there was something legitimate, sincere, honest and empathic in his message.

The next day, I faxed my retainer and first installment. This same day, I received my questionnaires and the whole process began. In addition, I must say to you that after I signed the agreement, it felt like my case was very secure and handled by professionals.

I began to work with Ryan W. who has been someone that I will be forever in debt. He answered my questions in prompt manner, took time to meticulously revise my questionnaires, and he has been always available to answer my concerns and questions about this process.

Just last month I filed my application and I am waiting for my confirmation letter. In the mean time, I am continuing with my education and serving my community. It is my goal to be able to land in Canada by next year and become a successful member of a new society. I feel so happy to think about this new journey in my life. I know that there will be difficult times ahead of me but the positive outcomes will always overcome any difficult times.

If you are someone who has questions or concerns and wants to obtain more information, please feel free to send me an email. If you include your phone number and best time for me to contact you, I will be very happy to call you. Thank you AI, Ryan and Russell.

Sincerely yours,

R.P. - USA

September 11, 2004



Dear Russell & Del,

At last! I received my AOR! Thank you so much to all those who have helped us with our immigration application to Canada.  We are waiting for the time when our dreams become a reality; hoping for the best of luck and praying without ceasing. Most of all many thanks to AI, for putting in so much effort on our behalf.  I cannot express our gratitude and happiness, thank you very much Russ and Del, God bless.

Sa wakas! Natanggap ko rin ang aking AOR, Maraming salamat po sa mga tumulong sa aking aplikasyon sa Canada, Kami ay lubos na umaasa sa pagdating ng araw ng katuparan ng aming mga pangarap sa buhay, kami po ay lubos na umaasa sa Panginoong Maykapal, at dumadalangin ng walang patid at higit sa lahat maraming salamat kay Russ at Del sa pagbibigay ng lahat ng inyong panahon sa akin. Hindi ko maipahayag ang aking pagtanggap ng utang na loob at pasasalamat sa lahat, Pagpalain nawa tayo ng Maykapal


Reuben Guzman
Sep 9 2004



Dear Russ,

This is a testimony written without reservation and with considerable delight.

We have just received our AOR with awesome speed and ease. I had envisaged that even with help, we were undertaking a difficult and complex process that would be drawn out and draining. Instead, with some very considerate hand holding and expert guidance, we are now well on our way to our new lives in Canada.

No question has been too silly, no detail too troublesome. Explanations have been clear and replies – considering the time difference - bordering the instantaneous. We have been made to feel truly special and valued as clients. We have been treated as friends - and this is what we have become.

The decision to emigrate is probably one of the biggest choices you will ever make in your life. Finding someone you can really trust to help you with that step therefore assumes immense significance. We found Russ and Del as if guided to do so and we’ve been giving thanks ever since. If you’re reading this, perhaps you have been guided too. Availing yourself of their services is a decision you will certainly not regret.


Mark Starmer
United Kingdom
August 31 2004


HRDC Testimonial

As President of International Plastics Recovery, I retained the service of Avatar Immigration, Vancouver BC, Canada to handle the HRDC Job Offer for one of my future employees who plans on migrating to Canada.

We were recommended by some of Russell's former clients who have now settled in Toronto, but more importantly we were also guided by our inner intuition and prayer.  We found Del and Russ very friendly, totally committed and always ready to go the extra mile even if meant staying back to complete work on a Saturday or Sunday!!

We are now pleased to confirm receipt of the Arranged Employment Opinion Approved By HRDC Canada.  This means the Candidate will now receive an extra 15 bonus marks added to their score. We are extremely delighted.  I have no hesitation in recommending Russ and his team to anyone seeking Immigration Services. I have nothing but praise for the professionalism experienced so far and I am quite sure Russ will stand up to his promise of getting this candidate into Canada.

Very Truly Yours,
Carlton Newcastle
President and CEO
International Plastics Recovery Inc.
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
August 31st 2004



Dear Del,

Thank you for the news that my application for a Canadian Permanent Resident has been granted a case number.  This is very significant and the turn round time has been very prompt - less than 4 weeks after we filed the application - which as you recall was timed to arrive the day before my birthday - as this would ensure I could qualify for an additional 2 points.

As you know, as part of my current employment I have lived in numerous countries around the world and have been through many immigration process in my life time - including "difficult" countries like the US, Australia, the UK - and even Canada twice before.

 This normally involved my employer engaging "big name" law firms - in London or New York - to process my application. This application to Canada is my own - and your team - and your General Manager, Del in particular - has far exceeded my experience with any of those organizations.

In particular it was a real challenge to gather all the information to in time for a submission before my birthday as I only engaged you two weeks prior - and the fact that CIC has responded so promptly is a testament to how thorough the application is!

So CONGRATULATIONS on providing a great service!


Stephen, UK Citizen
Vice President
(Large Multinational Corporation) -USA
August 26th 2004

My husband and I wanted to fulfill our dreams of starting a new life in Canada. In order to achieve that goal, we spent a lot of money and time, and traveled only to be let down eventually. 

We felt that we weren't important enough and so  I sent a personal letter to the Canadian Embassy in London and asked if I could receive some material that would help us.

In the material they provided us, I came across an article in the Canada News which was sent to me, I read an article on a family who were overjoyed at succeeding almost painlessly. The web site mentioned in the article was  Inspired, I logged on immediately and completed a self assessment form.  I got a response the same evening.

Russell is very attentive, supportive and delivers everything precisely to make sure that you make it.  You feel important and also gain trust and friendship throughout. Five months on I now have my file number. I would place Russell and his company second to none.


Karen Pajovic
Johnstone, Scotland
July 17th 2004



Hi Everyone!

This is Aarti Walia.  I am quite lucky to have chosen Avatar Immigration for my journey through the Canadian Immigration system.  Look at me now!  Russell and Ryan submitted my application and CIC received it on the 9th of June, 2004 and I got the file number on 17th June, 2004.  Simply unbelievable!!!  I can’t believe that I got my file number within barely 9 days of the submission of my application in Sydney.  What else could we want as a client?

I am so delighted today that I feel short of words to express my excitement.  A big thanks to both Russell and Ryan for all their support and advice. I am now eagerly waiting for another phone call from Ryan about a (fingers crossed) waiver of interview.

I assure you that AI will make your dreams of immigrating to Canada come true.   So please don’t think twice before signing up with them.  It will take the burden off your shoulders.

Aarti Walia
Auckland, New Zealand
July 18th 2004



Dear Russell and Del,

Greetings from Kuwait!

Apart from saying... you guys are incredible indeed for obtaining the File No. for my son Sidney Cajetan Rato within a short span of less than 3 months, we do not know how to thank the Lord for his kindness.

The Lord guided us to approach you both via my son-in-law Clyde Sequeira and my daughter Carol Sequeira who are both based in Toronto.

Even though we are based in Kuwait it seems like you are sitting right here in front of us even on a Sunday and helping us out one step at a time!

God Bless you. We'll continue to keep you both and the Visa Officer in our humble prayers.

Kuwait, July 11th 2004


Hello from Inner Mongolia!

I would do anything to help your business.

Del and Russ, before I met you my life was just chugging along, you remember? From country to country, and from job to job. I thought that it was impossible to put my life on the right track again. You spent a lot of time with me the moment I sent you my first payment and signed agreement, and because of my complicated past (of having to live in different countries etc.) you had go more than just "the extra mile".  Both of you really are my heroes....

I still cannot believe that it has happened so fast.  It has not been even 2 months and yet we have our file number. You and the visa officers both did fabulous job, and I am grateful for that. However, you also have to make living, so tomorrow I am going to the bank to take care of business. Del, I am going to send you some extra money as a token of my gratitude.

In Gratitude and Appreciation,

Norm Cerny
Inner Mongolia
July 7th 2004



I'm very happy that I filed my application through Mr. Russell, and now I've a have a great sense of satisfaction with the process so far.  I feel very relived and I am confident that I can get my Canadian PR.

Thank you Russ once again!

Chandra Vellaichamy
Oakland California


Dear Russ,

I am so glad I have chosen AI to represent my
immigration case. I was lucky enough to receive my
file number only one week after submission!

A big thank you to both you and Ryan for all your
advice and support so far. Also thanks to the visa
office for the quick response.

I am looking forward to my new life in Canada.

Best Regards

Jodi Burke
Sydney Australia


Dear Russ,

I just can thank Avatar Immigration (AI) and the Visa Officers enough!

In 1994 Russ got me my permanent resident visa without an interview in 6 months time!

In 1995 my sister Melanie and my brother in law Imran from Pakistan came to you, and again got their visas without an interview 6 months later.

Just yesterday you game me the good news that you were able to help my dad visit Canada too.  This, after my dad failed to get into Canada many times already on a technicality, 


I owe Del an incalculable debt of gratitude for her patience, her unerring zeal and for holding my hand right through the process as an elder sister would do.  Thanks to Ryan for his sense of humour and to Russ of course for his psychological counseling and wisdom.

Thank you soooo much!


Michelle D'Souza
May 20th 2004


Dear Russ,

Two years ago I went to the CIC website, downloaded the application forms, read all the instructions, dotted my I’s and crossed my T’s, and made sure that I had enough marks to pass.

I then looked over my application thoroughly to make sure that everything was in order as requested by CIC.

After submitting my application with the Government Processing Fees. I waited. And waited. And waited some more. It seemed like an eternity.  At the end of almost two years I had lost all hope of ever making it to Canada.  Then, when I least expected it I heard a knock on the door and the postman handed me this yellow brownish colored envelope.

I was overjoyed. I ripped open the envelope and was completely shocked to learn that I had failed!!

It was just a few small errors on my part.

Three years and wiser…I was lucky enough to come across your website and you. Thanks for handling my case.


Ahmed Bashar
United States
15th May 2004



When I first looked at the CIC website, I thought that the process didn't look too complicated and that I could fill out forms after all.  Therefore I decided to go it alone against my better judgment and save some money.  That was almost four years ago!

I'm much wiser now, and have realized how a small error on my part cost me my chance to immigrate to Canada.  I did not realize that by investing a small amount in the short term I could have saved myself countless nights tossing and turning, wondering if we'd ever make it to Canada.

Anyway, I can’t thank you enough Russ, for after applying again and this time through you I am at last in receipt of our family medicals.  My dream to migrate to Canada has come true after all.

My kids are so excited about migrating to Canada to study there that not a day passes without them asking me about their “new home in Canada”.

My advice to those of your reading this is please don’t take a chance and try to go it alone. You could not only loose your Processing Fees but also waste two to three years on some small technicality or error like I did. To err is human!

My grateful thanks to the Visa Officer handling our case and to Del and Ryan of the Avatar Team.


Vatsala Aman and family.
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.,
4th May 2003

"As a man beleives, so he becomes" - Lord Krishna, Bhagvad Gita, Ch. 17, Verse 3


Our warmest thanks to Russell and Avatar for assisting with our request for Canadian residency visas! How highly we regard the enlightened and humane government of Canada for allowing us this opportunity to pursue immigration as a same-sex couple.

We hope others will take hope and seek a life of freedom and equality in this country, where couples such as ourselves aren't relegated to the status of second-class citizens and outcasts.

Best of luck to all who wish to take this step, the door is open to those who desire a better life in a land of fairness and non-discrimination.

Best wishes to you and heaps of good energy!

Chris Borneman and Mike Cornetto
Victoria, Australia
May 7, 2004

If you are in a same sex relationship and would like to immigrate to Canada with your partner, send us an email.


Dear Russ,

Sunshine in Canada!

"Gold and Silver have I not, but what I have I will give to thee!” Giving thou a testimonial is the least we can do for your excellent contribution to helping us achieve our desires of making Canada our permanent home. Russ you have preformed over and above the call of duty.

“He, who has ears, let him hear.”

For blessed are those that are informed and trusting the almighty believe that the search for an Immigration Consultant should end with the choice of!

When we received our medical papers and “Waiver of Interview” in record time, we were flabbergasted. Needless to say, we were very happy and deeply satisfied customers. Russ you are what people say you are, friendly, caring, articulate, determined and very effective.

Your countless emails, phone calls and advice have crowned our efforts. Do not relent in your efforts on our behalf, until we sit with you in Vancouver over a cup of Canadian tea and an English Rose for your wonderful associate Delphine. We will continue to wish ourselves Gods speed in the final process.

Once again, Thank you. Please run the last hundred yards with us to get to the finish line. And to whoever is reading this, do yourself a favour, let this guy work for you!

Merci Beaucoup!

Festus Olubenga Oyedele
3rd May 04
California USA




Hi Russ,

Thanks so much for giving me the good news!  I never expected to hear that my AOR was issued only one day after the visa office received my application.  That's simply amazing.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future with news of a (fingers crossed) waiver of interview.

Best Regards,

Matt Wood, Australia, April 22nd, 2004

Hi Russ,

I can't believe I received my AOR number in only 3 days!

It was a pleasure meeting you in Vancouver. Thank you for driving all the way from North Vancouver to meet with me and collect my documents personally even though you had a very busy schedule.

I have never met a more patient person than your staff member Del.  I would recommend anyone in need of your service without any hesitation.

Mark Pratt, Australia, April 15th 2004

p.s. I was very grateful to Ian Mccafferty your former client based in Vancouver, Canada for introducing me to you.

Canada - My Story

I thought that to get to Canada you needed to have secured a job and someone to sponsor you, thoughts about living over there never crossed my mind.

I'd heard that Vancouver was once voted as the best city in the world to live in. Lucky people I thought, but as it was still raining in the UK why leave?

Two years ago we (my family) spent three weeks touring Vancouver and the islands. This is where the first thoughts about living there came. The holiday was fantastic, the kids got treated so much better in the restaurants and shops, it felt like they were welcome as opposed to being something that was tolerated. For my self and my wife we noticed that the standard of living was higher than the UK and the people seemed friendlier. What then impressed me the most was when we were visiting Victoria on Vancouver Island, I discovered that they had a cricket team (my passion), obviously civilization had reached out to this part of the world.

After a few weeks back in the UK, we looked on the internet for information about the immigration process. It looked complicated, but having done a test run too see how many points we would possibly get I was surprised to find that we had enough. The next step was to start the application, and looking through a few consultants we decided upon Avatar. The reason for this was not because his website was the best of the lot, but it was the small things that lead me to decide to use Avatar. Whilst surfing a chat room which dealt with the immigration process, Russell Monsurate was providing advice free of charge to people and generally seemed to care for the people who were trying to emigrate. This small point persuaded me to use Russell and I can honestly say that this decision was justified.

That decision proved to be one of the easy ones. Looking back at the process, I would advise anyone thinking about emigrating to use a professional, it's money well spent. The paperwork involved and the advice given by Russell has proved invaluable. From a position of thinking we had little chance of succeeding to a point where we now have the visas in our passports.

Thanks Russ,

Stephen Mayall, UK


Dear Russ and Delphine,

I really want to express my appreciation with the assistance you have both shown with helping me obtain landed immigrate status in Canada.

Initially, I thought it would be strictly a business association that would help me through the requirements to navigate the bureaucracy of governmental forms and rules.

I am sure you can understand my surprise when I learned that the association established friends that treated me more like family than a client.

I have received nothing less than professional assistance and pleasant friendship in all my dealings. There were times when I needed encouragement to obtain more information to assist you, which was always sought in an almost apologetic manner.

When I consider all the effort you have extended in making my application a painless and enjoyable experience, I can only say, Thank you. Thank you very much.  

Elaine Worthington and Chuck Bernal   

California  USA                                         19th March 2004


PS: Chuck and Elaine have visited with us during the Xmas Season and shared a meal with us. They are building a home in Vancouver and plan to live in Canada.



Dear Russ and Del,

It is with the utmost pleasure and with heartfelt thanks that we write this testimonial for Russ and Del at Avatar.  It was Di vine providence that brought us together !  

We found their web site by chance and within 12 hours of having filled in an online assessment we were having a chat with Russ on the phone.  He seemed too good to be true and we were wary of his enthusiasm and energy – there must be a catch! 

We were well aware of the existence of cowboy outfits that prey on the insecurity and dreams of people who want to make a new life for themselves .

Full of questions and confusion we phoned him and Del incessantly and our questions were answered and our fears allayed.  We didn’t know a soul in Canada when this started but now we can honestly say we have found life-long friends in Russ, Del and the family.

Originally, the only way we imagined we could get into Canada was through the Investor Category.  

He is meticulous in his detail where paperwork is concerned.  It was due to Russ’s professionalism and tenacity, we eventually found ourselves in a position where we could apply through the skilled worker category after-all!  

Avatar Canada saved us having to fork out a cool 120,000C$ in order to gain entry through the Investor route.  Though he saved us 120,000C$ he lost a sizeable amount in commission fees yet he placed our interests first.

This in itself deserves a few Gin & Tonics with Russ and Del and a lifetime of gratitude on our part.

Russ has promoted an inner strength and belief that is far beyond the call of duty.  Russ and Del are genuinely kind people with incredible B usiness sense and true professionals within their field.  

When it is time for us to wire their fee instalment we just round it up to the nearest figure because they have seriously earned every single penny (or cent !).

At the beginning of February 2004 we got our file number and we are still buzzing!  If you would like to get in contact with us please don’t hesitate. Believe us when we say you will not find more dedicated Immigration Consultants than Russ and his team.

Good Luck

Daniela Gielnik

February, 2004

United Kingdom

Here is our testimonial, I don't know what to say... It's hard to believe. For you this HRDC process took so many months, but for us it's surprising that we finally got it. Remember, we almost gave up but you kept trying to get in touch with Yudhi' s employer.
"I am very proud to announce I have received my HRDC JOB OFFER approved and thereby raised my overall score by 15 marks!!
Thanks to Russ now I can throw away my books on learning French. I thank God and may He bless the HRDC Visa officer and Russ and his staff abundantly.
Russ you are simply a great human being and a true professional. You never gave up on us even though our case was difficult. You always tell us to pray and believe in God's help.
Every prediction you made about my case has come true to within a day or two. How do you do that?
The HRDC process you started with us in Sept 03, filed it in October 03 and even thought it took so many months to process you kept at it with perseverance and all through this period you never let us feel worried about the outcome!
Out of my own gratitude I am sending you a little extra money than asked for and I would be willing to talk to anybody about your service if they need a referral.
Thank you for everything Russ, Del and all your staff. 
Ariestiana & Yudhistira Lesmana,         CA        USA

Feb 21st 2004


Indonesian Version

Dengan senang saya beritakan bahwa saya telah tawaran
kerja saya telah disetujui oleh HRDC yang akan
memberikan 15 nilai tambahan.

Terima kasih kepada Russ, sekarang saya bebas dari
bahasa Perancis dan persiapan IELTS. Saya berterima
kasih pada Tuhan dan mudah-mudahn Tuhan memberkati
staff HRDC Visa, Russ serta staff-nya.

Russ benar2 seorang yang baik dan profesional. Dia
tidak pernah menyerah dalam menangani kasus kami,
walaupun dalam hal yang paling susah. Dia selalu
menekankan untuk terus berdoa dan percaya. Semua
perkiraan yang anda berikan menjadi kenyataan dalam
satu atau dua hari. Bagaimana anda melakukan itu?

Proses HRDC ini mulai sejak 3 September dan dikirim 3
Oktober, walaupun memakan waktu beberapa bulan, tapi
anda tetap memantaunya dan selama itu anda tidak
pernah membiarkan kami kuatir akan hasilnya.

Sebagai ucapan terimakasih saya kirimkan sedikit uang
lebih dan saya bersedia untuk memberikan referensi
bagi mereka yang memerlukan.
Terima kasih banyak untuk Rus, Del dan semua staff.

Ariestiana dan Yudhistira Lesmana,                CA       USA

Feb 21st, 2004


Hello, my name is Laird Brownlie and I am from Bellshill in central Scotland.

You are probably reading this as part of your decision making process in choosing the immigration consultant whom you hope will help you achieve your goal of living in Canada.

You may look at these testimonials and think, how do I know what to believe?

Is this company the one for me?

Can I believe all that I read?

O.K. NOW LISTEN UP!  You could not find a bigger skeptic than me! In my search for the 'right' consultant, I met some very 'interesting' characters who promised me 'everything'! Oh any by the way, would I mind parting with their full fee up front please.

Then, call it luck, call it fate, call it anything you like (I call it providence every night!) I found Russ through his website and was soon talking to him on the phone.

I knew there were possible problems with family members, the change in rules were possible obstacles and the fact that I could enter the Olympics as a world class worrier didn't help my case, but through it all, Russ was like a weather beaten old sea captain, keeping the ship 'steady as she goes'.

He held our hand over an ocean, he nagged me until I got all my facts correct (his staff are sticklers for detail) but most importantly he prepared my case so well, with his knowledge of the system and rules, that we had a waiver of interview WITHIN 9 MONTHS!

We took our medicals in November and on Saturday morning, UK time 8:45AM (12:45 at night his time), he phoned to tell me that we had instructions to forward our passports for the Canadian Visa stamps!

I could easily go on and on singing his praises, (you do NOT want to hear me sing, trust me) but it's probably better if I say this, "I know from my experience what your going through just now".

You are worried about choosing the right company... Will you qualify for immigration? How much work is involved on your part? Is it the right thing to do?

I can only tell you that the phone call you get to tell you your Visas are ready is one of the most uplifting experiences you will ever have (this from a man who has 5 kids, and didn't wimp out after the birth of the last two!)

If any body can make that phone call happen, it's Russ. It's as simple as that. No frills, no windy build up, he is 'the man'.

God Bless Russ, and all our thanks to the CIC officers who made our dream a reality,

Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Hi Russ

“I have made quite a number of good decisions in my life and choosing Russ to be my consultant is one of them. His knowledge of the Canadian immigration made the whole process a breeze. He has been a great friend to me and a good advisor in guiding me with regard to financial matters and real estate.

I can’t wait to meet him and shake his hand telling him a job well done thus far. By the way, I received my file number in less than 3 weeks…I was told that it almost a record! Thank Russ, Del and Ryan.”

Best regards,

Feb 04

Written In Indonesian

“Saya membuat cukup banyak keputusan bagus dalam hidup dan memilih Russ sebagai konsultan imigrasi saya adalah salah satunya. Pengetahuannya ttg keimigrasian Kanada membuat proses pengajuan sangat mudah. Dia sudah menjadi teman baik saya dan juga penasihat keuangan dan real estate yang baik (utk kondisi di Kanada).

Saya tidak sabar untuk bisa bertemu muka dgn dia dan bersalaman dengan dia untuk mengucapkan kerjanya yang baik. Oh yah, saya mendapat file nomer saya dalam waktu 3 minggu…ini menrupakan suatu rekor! Terima kasih Russ, Del dan Ryan. “

Feb 04, HJT, California, USA

Dear Russ

It was indeed a pleasant surprise when I heard form you so soon about my AOR,

And was very glad to note that I had no adverse remarks, and no other/additional documents were called.

I guess its not just about filling up the forms, which I assumed earlier.

I have done enough research on the web to find the right consultant, and I am glad that I stopped my search at Avatar.

Thanks for your guidance; patience and what I like most about your replies are its quick, elaborate and comprehensive.

I wonder how you find so much time for give such detailed customized replies?

But one thing I am absolutely sure is that I am in good hands and completely trust your judgment and knowledge in the subject.

I would like you to know that I didn’t check a single reference about your credentials.

And today I am happy that I took a decision, is it a record to get AOR in 16 days flat?

I checked the Canadian immigration official website and read it would take about 4-6 months, how did you manage 16 days?

Last but not the least I should mention that Avatar is a fine blend of doing a professional job with a personal touch.

Warm Regards,

Deepak Subbakrishna,                     Bangalore, India 

29th Jan 2004

My Dear Russ,

First allow me to say that I am totally at a loss for words to thank you and your team and especially Del and Ryan for the awesome results they produced so far.

1) The first piece of good news was my English IELTS Testing being WAIVED!  This is something that many people never even make it through and therefore fail.  For many, this is a two or three year delay.

2) Next, I got a WAIVER of the TEF (FRENCH TEST) and having to sit for the French testing process.  Let me tell you that I am so relieved and grateful that you did this for me that I am now going to send you as many of my friends applications as I can with no remuneration expected.  What is more, I can show them the very letters which CIC sent waiving my requirements to do these tests. I must also thank the Visa Officers at CIC, London, for their wisdom, compassion and fairness in dealing with my case and granting me these waivers.

3) I got my medicals, and a call for my ROLF Fee.  I am sure  that my little daughter will have her dream come true and be able to visit Vancouver, Canada this summer.

Thank you Avatar Immigration for the hours of tireless work, the many emails at all parts of the day and night, a few 'wake up calls' to remind me to have faith and trust God and the sheer dedication and personal attention given me towards my case.

Thank you for the many letters you wrote CIC petitioning them on my behalf to get me this waiver. You earned every dollar I paid you and even more!

Thank you for making the right choices and choosing the right terminology in all my forms and submitting my 'submission brief" at a time when the system was in transition and so very confusing that ten different consultants told me five different things.  Above all I thank you guys for instilling in me the truth that  "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains' (Matt 17:20 and as you said to me...."By faith Abraham, obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going (Heb. 11:8 ).

I too am going out to Canada with the faith that Abraham had and a trust in God's Mercy and Providence. I am also practicing the new line you gave me..."Born Strong, Built Tough, and Proud to be Canadian"… We will always keep the Visa Officer who handled our case in our prayers as you reminded us to do right from day one!

See you soon in Canada! And if you need a personal referral from me write to me at the address below and I will write back to you asap.

Dennis N. V.

Admin Manager,

Zakher Group of Companies

Abu - Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
29th Dec 2003

See Picture here of Dennis and family!

Hi Russ,

For a long time I had been trying to dig around for various Immigration lawyers/Consultants for Canada and any website that I went to made me further confused as to who to choose and whom not to. After all trying to immigrate to Canada is not a game of dice and at the same time, money does not grow on trees. Since you only get one chance to get it right you better be sure who you are dealing with. Not only could you loose all your money and spend years waiting in vain, but what is most precious,  your very chance of a future life in Canada!

You always want to be sure that the person you are sending money to is really qualified and will handle your case with intelligence, sympathy and will take personal pains.

I could get that type of feeling only after talking to a consultant/lawyer before the payment. But then which consultant/lawyer really cares to talk to you unless you have paid them for talking to begin  Catch 22 huh!

After thinking about it for so many weeks and being in limbo, I finally approached Avatar Immigration referred by a  very good friend Pat M. ( see testimonial on this page )  and was impressed by the speed of reply as well as the quality and kindness from Russ & Del.  Huh, was I surprised when Russ recognized me even before I could give my identity. What a great person!! Pat had already told him that I was going to contact him but as busy as Russ is, I expected him least to even remember my name, so my first impression was great and showed me that if I wanted personalized service, this is the right place. I decided right away to hire their services, something I will never regret!  While working in the daytime, the only time I use to get for writing back to Russ was in the evening or late midnights and boy, were the replies fast? I can bet that it will be hard for anyone to keep pace with this man and the way he catches up on work. I have never come across any lawyer/consultant who would be as much worried about you as you yourself and will reply to your emails at freaky times of 1 AM in the wee part of the morning. Anyone is free to ask me for the proof and I will certainly provide that.

Frankly speaking, it is hard for me to believe that I received my file number so darn quick! What the heck did you do Sir? It was lightening quick and I am shocked and dazed!!.

I am absolutely thrilled and feel so lucky to have you as my Immigration Counsel but do not blame me for being in shock as I was expecting it to arrive somewhere after 3-4 months bare minimum.

My wife Carina herself could not believe it but when I showed her the actual AOR Letter sent by you, she was overwhelmed. I cannot really thank you enough Russ, really. Words sound hollow to me even when I say that I feel so grateful to you coz it is a feeling which I can not describe how I feel about you. You are amazing human being and I am the luckiest guy to have found you so hugs to Pat M. ( Utah, USA ) for guiding me to your office.

I cannot thank Russ and Delphine enough for the friendly, professional, timely service that they provided to my family and me.  I'm very impressed with your promptness, courtesy and professionalism.  No wonder Pat thinks the world of you and needless to say, she is damn right. I have already recommended their services to my relatives and friends, and I wouldn't doubt to recommend Russ & Delphine services to anyone.


Russ was always there to help me, on the phone, through email, and after hours. That is  an exceptional service which is almost impossible to find anywhere else, no matter how much their websites or QA promises

Deepak Jolly
9th December, 2003


Click here to see picture!                   


Dear Russ,

It made a world of difference using your Landing Services!

Your expertise and above all your trustworthiness in handling our landing formalities has enabled us to get back to work in the US in three days without skipping a beat!

Where it not for your assistance Russ, I might have lost valuable time securing the all important PR card, without which no one can travel into or out of Canada from the 31st of Dec 2003.

Earlier, Russ you got me and my wife our Permanent Residence Visas and right thru the process you were prompt, professional and highly dependable!

You also personally picked us up from Vancouver International Airport giving us a warm welcome that made us feel like family!

I cant begin to tell you folks reading this page, how important it is to have someone make you feel welcome and at home on your first day in a New Country! Getting a Visa is a victory indeed but do you have someone who will be there to receive you on your first day in Canada? I did and I hope you do too!

Well begun is half done!


Raaj and Anantha Bhavani
USA, 4th Dec 2003

See Picture of Raajesh and Anantha


Dear Russ,

I am a student from Bangladesh who earned a Master’s Degree from United States and am presently completing my PhD in Sociology from the Southern University of Carbondale, Illinois. My wife too completed Master of Science degree in climatology from US.

 We received a waiver of interview and completed medical for Canadian Permanent Residency.

My sincere thanks to Russell at AI and to my visa officer at Canadian Consulate General in Buffalo, US and may God bless them!

AI is one of the best discoveries of my life.

I always give myself credit for finding AI because they were so helpful and efficient for me that I literally sat idle and and worry free after putting everything in Russell’s professional hands.

They guided me by assessing my case in the twinkle of an eye...where other companies sent me canned replies automated... Russ personally wrote to me twice some few minutes after I filled up my application form and then called me up personally to assure me that he would take my case up not only that but  (from properly submitting my application, asking in writing for a wavier of interview, to the receiving my file number to an interview waiver and medicals and all done with him and his staff treating me like a brother) all this smoothly and efficiently.

I found AI through internet. I had filled a large number of free assessment forms by various organizations and received their responses. From these responses I short listed some organizations and did further communications with them to evaluate who are more eager to help me and who are less. I also called some of the organizations personally but they were so reluctant and rude at times when it came to answering my queries or even talking to me.

Unlike others, AI took the initiative to write to me immediately, then call me instead, provide me with a critical analysis of my case, and assured me about my chances of PR.

I found that they care less about money and more about providing you an excellent service and wining the case for you.

I have a PhD level education from an US university in Sociology so I can easily evaluate people. However, you don’t have to do all that I had done. Trust me!

About the processing time, it is entirely dependent on the visa officer who will assess your case. It varies from case to case. So anybody promising you a lesser processing time must be lying or giving you deceitful information.

Also do not get swindled by people that are offering cheap service fee. They are desperate to get your business at all costs because most of them will not be allowed to practice by CIC shortly especially foreign based agents.

Only Canadian Based Immigration Consultants will be allowed to practice henceforth and no one else. Foreign Agents know that the time is up for them. If you sign up with them you will find CIC will not be dealing with them half way thru the process since on average it takes a year and some months in the US. In other countries its far worse.  Mr. Russ on the contrary had been chosen to submit to the Advisory Committee of His Excellency The Immigration Minister a DACUM ( DO AS A CURRICULUM) for what the duties of future Immigration Consultants should be when the regulation begins by CIC for consultants. 

You can actually visit the official Govt CIC website and type his name in or his company name in and verify the same

Canadian immigration is not a piece of cake. If you think its only a matter of filling the forms why then do only a very small percentage of people actually get thru? Out of 225,000 people who come in yearly from various categories such as Refugee Class, Investor, Business, Care Giver, Spousal, Family, Self Employed and Skilled Worker Categories,  only 30% are from the Skilled Worker Category class, included in the figs below  from the skilled worker category and when you divide that fig by 3 dependents per application on average and spread it over China, India and Pakistan alone who send in 33,000, 28,000 and 14,000 approx for the year 2002 you get a very small percentage of the lucky and successful one.... what chance do you think therefore does your application would stand if the number of applicants for each available visa at the initial stage are in the ratio of 10 to 1 and worse still climbing steadily since the marks have come down even further to 67?

Finally the Honourable Minister, His Excellency has himself has said that the lowering of the marks is temporary and they will go up again. So if you are sitting there on the fence. One piece of friendly advice.  You may miss the boat, so hurry. Act now and you will have nothing to loose.

Feel free to contact me through Russell if you need any more information.

Good luck and God Bless you all,

AKM Saiful Islam
PhD Student
Department of Sociology
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC)
Illinois USA

                                                                 14th November, 2003

See Picture of Saiful Islam, wife Syeda and son taken recently in Chicago!


Hi Russ,

Yes! We continue to live the Canadian Dream!

You helped my family and my wife's sister's family migrate from Dubai and Kuwait a few years ago.

You have kept reminding me to send

I am sending you these pictures of my new home.  I purchased it just a year ago in Toronto.  Here's my brand new car and photos of me, my wife and son and my wife's sister-in-law and her family as requested by you.

These pictures are shared with you as a token of my appreciation of this great country and the tremendous potential it has for everyone seeking to make Canada their home!

It is also a message of hope to all of you, that with honest hard work, determination and vision you can create abundance in your life very quickly, as I did.

I came into this country like most average immigrants with only my ambition to succeed, good work ethics and a prayer on my lips!

I am now employed by a leading financial institution in Canada. I have been able to make a 180 degree switch from a sales career in Publishing (Dubai) to being a highly skilled, much sought after Senior IT Professional in Canada!.

Canada gave me the opportunity to be all I could be!

Thank You Canada!

Bryan Pinto

November 6th 2003    


Hello Russ,

Wow! What can I say?

Its been a rollercoaster ride so far, with you keeping me calm when my nerve started to go.

When i first started looking for a consultant to guide my way into the chosen land, I met some very `interesting` characters, and started to doubt the wisdom of starting such an arduous journey, but you have taken the hard work and guidance to keep us on the path.

You have smoothed out the bumps and kept us cheerful when we were down.

As a result, we have now been given a waiver of interview and booked our medicals, and all in 8 months (yes that's right ,8 months!)

Your professionalism and detailed knowledge are invaluable and I cant recommend your services highly enough.

On behalf of my wife, Tina, and our 5 kids, a big thanks to you and Dell, and grateful thanks to the Immigration Officers of CIC London for the speed and efficiency with which you have brought our dream one step closer.

So, if you are searching for a consultant who will `do it for you`, don't look any further, Russ is your man. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through Russ or via my email below, as I will be glad to help you in any way I can.

We are still shell shocked at how fast Russ and CIC have worked.

Give him a go, he is so good!

God bless, Russ and Del.

From Tina, Chris, Kirsty, Ashleigh and the terrors, Adam and Oliver. 

Laird Brownlie
North Lanarkshire,
6th November, 2003

See picture of the family!


Dear Russ and Del,

Thanks so much for the good news! Wow!

Thanks so much for the good news about the "Waiver of Interview" and "Medicals"

You will hear more from us later. I can't find words to express our gratitude for a real professional job.

Del was extremely diligent, meticulous and so warm hearted.

My wife and I can't wait to leave for the promised land! Say a big thank you to the visa officers at Buffalo, NYC. They are in our prayers and so are you!

With Grateful Hearts,

Russell Sujit and Natasha D' Souza

Alexandria Virginia USA


See picture of Russ and Natasha

You can't have your cake and eat it ? See marriage photo!

Dear Russ,

It’s been a great pleasure to hear such wonderful news that our interview has been waived and the processing of our papers really came out so fast. We are so glad that we never thought twice about choosing & trusting AI to handle our case. Your personalized effort made us feel that we are in safe hands. You made us feel like a part of your family.

Thank you for everything, keep up the good work.

 "I am a Filipino who is married to an Indian National. Soon after we got married we decided that, to start a family and to give our future child the best possible chance in life, that we would apply for migration to Canada. We wanted the best for our kid.

The very best Schools, the best Colleges and the best Health and Working conditions in the world. What better choice than to decide on  Canada, the No.1 country in the world

We approached Russ who submitted our paperwork on the 14th of November 2002. We received out AOR and file number barely two and a half months later.

We were waived our interviews on  20th of Oct 2003...AND AND we are now going for our MEDICALS.

Once we had made our first installment, AI took our case up swiftly and in spite of the many changes in the immigration system, kept us thoroughly informed and assisted us in every way to get the proper documentation, bank statements, letters of reference, helped us show our assets correctly, guided us how to handle other intricate issues like language ability, help with the Police Clearance Procedures and they chose the correct NOC codes, advised us on who would make a better principal applicant, helped us with our CV's and enhanced our Résumé's where ever possible to Canadian Standards.

In short, they left no stone unturned in providing us with the best possible chance to migrate to Canada. We were rewarded with a Waiver of Interview. For a job well done” Thank you! AI, Russ and Del”. We also would like to thank our Visa Officers in CIC London for their professionalism and dedication to duty! We will keep them in our prayers too.

We valued greatly every bit of expert advice, guidance and courage Russ gave us along the way. AI also assisted in helping my sister who was migrating to Canada. She is now in Canada and very happily settled in with her husband. My sister and I are so very excited at the prospect of me coming to live in Canada, and as for me and my husband I am counting the days when we can say goodbye to our second home in Oman, and board that plane to our final home coming in Canada!.

In closing I would like to add that there are many people offering their services all over the world but Russ is the exception. Don’t take a chance with someone just because the price is cheaper. You are talking about your future.....your very life...and you have just one chance to get it right.

You dont want to wake up two to three years later with a rejection letter in your hands just because you thought you were getting a lower price....or because you read someone's website.........pick someone like Russ who is based in Canada, fully qualified to do the job....someone you can rely on with your eyes closed to get the job done.....and at the end of the day what counts is this.......YOU GETTING THE VISA. ..............AI ALWAYS DELIVERS. YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. AI is just a click away. You will truly be amazed by the level of service.  


MUSCAT             SULTANATE OF OMAN           29.10.2003

Picture of Hazel and Ash on their Marriage Day! (Muscat ~ Oman)

---------             ---------             -----------                     ------

Filipino Tagalog!

Lubos kaming natutuwa sa magandang balitang inyong pinaabot sa amin na hindi na kami kailangan ma-“interview” at sa mabilis na lakad ng aming papeles. Nagagalak din kami at hindi kami nagdalawang isip sa pagpapasya na ipaubaya at ipagkatiwala ang lahat ng aming papeles sa AI. Na-panatag and aming loob as personal na pag-aasikaso sa amin at ito ay nagbigay ng lakas ng loob na kami ay nasa mabuting mga kamay. Tinuring ninyo kaming bilang isang kapamilya.

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng inyong tulong.  Sana manuwari at maipagpatuloy ninyo ang mabuting gawain.

Ako ay isang Filipina na kasal sa isang Indian.  Matapos kaming ikasal, napag-pasiyahan namin na mas mainam para sa aming magiging pamilya na mamuhahay kami sa Canada.  Dahil dito, naisipan naming subukan mag-apply para sa Canada.  Nais naming ipagkaloob sa aming mga anak ang isang magandang kinabukasan.

  Sa Canada matatagpuan ang pinakamagaling na mga paaralan at kolehiyo, pinakamahusay na mga doctor at pagamutan, at pinakamainam na pamamalakad ng opisina, planta, at pabrika para sa mga manggagawa sa buong mundo.   Meron pa bang mas dadaig pa sa Canada, ang nangungunang bansa sa buong daigdig?

Nilapitan namin si Russ at maigi niyang inasikaso at sinumite ang aming papales noong ika 14 ng Nobyembre 2002.  Pagkatapos lang ng dalawang buwan ay natanggap na namin and AOR at “file number”.

Pinayuhan kami noong ika 20 ng Oktubre na hindi na kami kailangan ma-interview at ngayon ay aasikasuhin na namin ang aming “medical”.

Matapos naming ibigay ang pa-unang hulog, maiging inasikaso ng AI ang aming kaso.  At kahit maraming pagbabago sa patakaran ukol sa pangingibang bansa, napagukulan pa nila kami ng panahon upang ipaliwanag ang lahat ng kailangan upang madali ang aming papales, tulad ng “bank statements”, “letters of reference”, at “statement of assets”.   Tinuruan din nila kami kung paano pagandahin and aming ”language ability”, pinadali ang “police clearance”, at pagpili ng tamang “NOC codes.”   Pinayuhan din kami kung sino ang mas mainam na “principal applicant”, at paano pagandahin ang aming “resume” para maging sang-ayon sa “Canadian Standards.”

   Sa makatuwid, ginawa nila ang lahat ng kanilang makakaya upang maipagkaloob sa amin ang pinakamagandang pagkakataon para makapag ”migrate” sa Canada.  At tuloy, kami’y napag-laanan ng “Waiver of Interview.”  Maraming salamat AI, Russ at Del!  Nais din naming magpasalamat sa inyong mga “Visa Officers” sa CIC London para sa kanilang mataguyod na panunungkulan.  Lagi namin kayong ipagdarasal.

  Pinangahalagan namin and lahat ng payo, tulong, at suporta ni Russ.   Tinulungan din ng AI ang aking kapatid na siya ring paroon sa Canada.  Naroon na siya ngayon at masiya sa piling ng kanyang asawa.   Kapwa kaming natutuwa na magkakasama kami ng ate ko sa Canada. Kami naman ng aking asawa ay nagbibilang na ng mga araw hanggang makapag-paalam na kami sa aming buhay dito sa Oman, at makasakay na sa eroplano patungo sa bagong buhay namin sa Canada.

  Sa pagtatapos, nais ko lang sabihin na marami diyan ang nag-aalay ng kanilang serbisyo para mag-migrate pero kakaiba si Russ.   Huwag kang pumili ng kung sinu-sino dahil mas mura sila.  Huwag mong itaya ang iyong kinabukasan, and iyong buhay.   Isa lang ang iyong pagkakataon upang gawing tama ang iyong aplikasyon.

  Dalawa o tatlong taon mula ngayon, baka makatanggap ka na lang ng “rejection letter” at maghinayang ka na ipinubaya mo ang papeles mo sa pinakamurang ahente . . . . o ‘di kaya ay nakatagpo ka ng ibang web-site.   Pumili ka ng isang katulad ni Russ na siyang nakabase sa Canada . . . . may kakayahan para sa ganitong uri ng serbisyo, at maasahan kahit nakapikit ang iyong mga mata.   Matapos ang lahat, ang mahalaga ay makamtan mo ang iyong bisa.  Ang AI ay laging maasahan at ang serbisyo nila ay garantisado.   Subukan and AI at kayo ay magugulat.

Picture of Hazel and Ash on their Marriage Day! (Muscat ~ Oman)

Dear Russ,

I am so delighted that I cant find words to thank you. And I thank your client who introduced me to you and said "This guy is the guy you can trust with your plans to migrate to Canada. Go for it Chris. Don’t waste anymore time".

Russ you guided me all the way thru this process, it was a rough and scary ride, initially counseling me not to give up but to study French to increase my score, reminding me to keep the process alive in spite of the marks going from 60 plus 10 for the interview, to 80 and then to 75 and all this while you took my case from being a single applicant, thru the complexities of adding my newly married wife half way thru the process and guess what today, giving me the "Waiver of an Interview letter" and my "Medicals"!

You have saved me tons of money flying all the way across the US, the anxiety of facing an interview, the time of work and at least 6 to 8 months thru processing the paper work further on!

You will be hearing from my relatives and friends both here in the US and back home in Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, India who will use your services unhesitatingly!

With you Russ they will get more than just a Permanent Residence Visa for you are someone who could be trusted with the most important issue of their lives…"Migrating to Canada permanently without the fuss of dying".

Every day, thousands of ordinary people like me and others on this page decide to make Canada their home.

What about you?

You dont want to be left behind? While populations explode the number of people entering Canada remain static.

Only those with foresight and courage make it thru. Write to Russ now. Book your place in the No 1 country in the world before its too late.

God Bless you and your family always Russ! And God  bless those wonderful souls at CIC Buffalo. I thank them for their compassion and humanity shown in my particular case.

Chris Gunaseelan             California                          USA


22nd October 2003


See Pictures of Chris and Wife

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

" I am a Muslim from Indonesia and so is my husband.  We have settled in California, USA. We were really searching all over the internet for a good , trustworthy and  solid professional Immigration Counsel , when my husband and I stumbled on Russ and Avatar Immigration on the internet one evening .

It is so hard to trust people to day. One can spend days and nights on the internet and yet be totally confused and paralyzed with the sheer amount of information. We are lucky to have chosen Avatar Immigration as from the very first time we read his testimonial page and made contact with Russ via an email,  we knew Russ was the man who could help us. 


AOR and file number in 1 week!. I've been trying to write something, but I don't know what to say! I was so shocked and grateful, so when I told  my husband , he couldn't say anything either.  All we can manage for now is God is great, you and Del are such professionals.. We know our friendship with grow and some day we will have the great fortune of meeting with you in person".


Ariestiana & Yudhi Lesmana

21st October 2003

Click to see picture


Saya dan suami saya adalah Muslim Indonesia dan sekarang menetap di California. Setiap hari kita cari-cari lewat internet pengacara yang bagus, bermutu, dan bisa dipercaya untuk membantu kita berimigrasi ke Canada. Sampai suatu saat kita temui website Russ and Avatar Immigration di internet. Jaman sekarang ini susah untuk percaya orang. Kita menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk mencari di internet, lebih dari 2 bulan. Beruntung kami memilih Avatar Immigration pertama kali kita membaca testimonial yang ada di website mereka lalu kita menghubungi Russ lewat email dan kita tahu kalau kita tidak salah pilih. Russ bukan saja jujur, profesional, tapi juga berhati mulia, ketika kami merasa ragu, kata-katanya selalu memberikan semangat lagi.


Kita dapat AOR dan nomer file kita dalam waktu seminggu. Saya terkejut sekaligus senang dan tidak bisa berkata apa-apa, begitu juga suami saya. Tuhan Maha Besar, Russ dan Del menakjubkan.


Ariestiana dan Yudhistira Lesmana

Click to see picture


Dear Russ,

Thank you for the "Wavier of Interview" and for your sincere and outstanding services throughout the entire application process.

This process is often lengthy and complicated. You and your team made it seem to be a very easy process because of your professionalism, patience and attention to detail.

Today, I feel fortunate that I had appointed you as my Immigration Counsellor and had placed my complete trust and confidence in your abilities. Thank God.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any person in need of immigration assistance or information.

Mr & Mrs James Neezhoor

14th October 2003


This is a good start and we are impressed. without mincing words you were really fast in this initial processing. We keep praying that every other thing will be accelerated like this one. You done do well for wee body well !!(meaning you have done something good for us as a family).............................................................I shall write you something in Nigerian soon.

Kpele! (Thanks!)

Dave Nwabor                          Balikpapan                  Indonesia

October 20th, 2003         

Hiya Russ,

This is me Brian Russell Capaloff saying a "VERY BIG THANK YOU" in appreciation for all you have done for me and my family.

Yes! I too can join the growing number of successful clients on your Testimonial Page and say I GOT IT - A WAIVER OF INTERVIEW AND MY MEDICALS.

Here are the facts as they stand.

Receipt of file by Embassy 16th March 2003

Issuance of File Number 7th April 2003 (22days from Submission)

Waiver of Interview letter and Medicals 26th Sept 2003! (Six Months from date of submission)

By the way, I am a Brit Expat who lives in Auckland, New Zealand. That's is half way around the world. I have in the last week moved back to the UK to put things in order for my final destination Canada!

God, that's a surprise! We thought at least a year and a half!!!!

I am truly pleased I chose Russ and Avatar Canada Immigration Consultancy as my 'Advisor, Friend and Guide" in handling the most important decision of my life.

I have no doubt you will use his services too. Rather, consider what it may cost you if you choose someone who does not deliver the Visa! . And believe me, their fees are reasonable and payable in three installments. Besides, you only pay as your file makes progress thru the system, I can assure you of that.

Russ and Del have been  meticulous in the execution of their work. Patient and a constant source of inspiration when I felt a bit worried with all these changing rules and regulations. 

In grateful appreciation to you and Del,


Brian Russell Capaloff,
United Kingdom
6th, October 2003

Hey Russ,

Yes! Interview Waiver and Medicals. Boy am I excited.

Thank you for the numerous hours of dedication, the after office hours chats with me and your optimistic and cheerful approach.

Even though I have moved to Bangalore, India temporarily for professional reasons you always seem so close to me and my family.

I have sent you two clients so far but here are another two as a token of my appreciation for your unstinted support and great work.

I know they are in safe hands and like me they will join you in Canada soon.

God Bless,

Shirdhar Bendi, California, USA, 2nd Oct, 2003


Yes, we received our Waiver of Interview and are going for our medicals today! Wow!  We are very pleased with the results. Thank you for being there for us, on time and for delivering the goods.

Your services were beyond efficient in every respect, truly  economical, ( payable in three installments )  friendly and  very professional ! You always  went the extra mile, and always made us feel so special.

Thanks  to your attention to detail the Visa Officer granted us a 'Waiver of Interview' as you had ensured all documents and data was submitted  at the very start with the highest attention paid to detail and accuracy.

This wavier of an interview I am told has cut our waiting time down by 6 to 8 months and has saved us the expense of having to fly to some other city in the US and pay hotel bills,  plus the ancillary costs of transportation etc etc. Also,  not having to sweat it out in front of an Visa Officer and fight for our lives,  was the biggest bonus!

My wife, daughter and I currently live and work in the US and I am in the IT Industry. I love Canada because it was always my boyhood dream to live in the No. 1 country in the world. I am very lucky I found Avatar Immigration and Russell Monsurate. While India is 'GOOD, the United States definitely "BETTER'  Canada is surely the "BEST".

I wanted to write this letter as an expression of gratitude, and as our way of letting people know that you are the best immigration consultant ever.

Russell is not only knowledgeable in his field but also cordial and attentive to  every detail. He answered all our questions and email s   promptly and in a professional manner  that   left us always satisfied .

What more impressed us about Russell was his capacity to find the best way to deal with  the various problems, situations, twists and turns that the immigration issues took due to the changing of the marks, legislation and the stringent criteria during the last several months .

We felt that he was always there for us, sending us an email to remind us of submitting certain documents on time . With Russ on your side you have a powerful ally and wise friend. You can trust him totally with your worries and problems.

We definitely recommend Russell to anyone interested in immigrating to Canada.  If you want results look no further.

What's important is not the cost of obtaining his advice and guidance but what it might cost you if you dont!

George John Manoj & Family                    USA

Hartford, CT                               22nd Sept, 2003


My name is Pat. I am a   fourth  generation American born and raised in the United States of America.

I   currently  live in Utah with my husband   S.   and   my daughter Sasha .


I had been searching for a reliable Immigration Counsel for a long time. I approached  many people but was not satisfied with their mostly 'businesslike attitude and lack of professionalism" that I encountered. Many of the people I approached gave me vague answers   or wanted to charge what I thought was a lot of money .

But one  call  to Russ and I was firmly convinced   that he was our man.    My husband had found Russ's website while we were searching for someone to help with immigration to Canada. From that we were able to call and then also email him.   

Our case had been a bit tricky and complicated. But Russ didn't give up on us. He was persistent even when they rejected our first attempt to get our case number assigned. He did not give up on us and he kept reassuring us to believe and to pray. He does his very best for you then leaves the rest it in God's hands. I am telling you, God has blessed him with unusual success and   anyone  would be lucky to have him on   their  side. 

When a friend asked me recently what to do to immigrate to Canada and who to talk to, I said, I have just the person to help you with immigration. This man is fantastic. He is honest, hard working and delightful to communicate with. He has always been prompt to respond to problems or questions and we already have our case number assigned. I highly recommend him.  "

Russ is very qualified to help people with immigration to Canada.  He has many years of experience.  His expertise  has caught the eye of many people.   

He is the current Secretary for The Association of Immigration Counsel of Canada ( BC Chapter ) and was invited as one of the "Experts" on  a panel of 9 professionals invited from all over Canada, to a two day closed door session this year,  where he was involved in setting up a DACUM for future Immigration Practitioners ( Click Here to visit the CIC Govt Web site and look for    (Monsurate ) those findings were later sent to   the   Advisory Committee for the Minister of Immigration,  his Excellency Mr. Denis Coderre.

I believe in him 100 percent. He is reasonable money wise too. Others charge much more for the same work. I called and checked around. He also goes over everything with great care and is personally involved in running the business. When we first called on him he was in Las Vegas in the middle of a Vacation with his family but found time to respond to our initial queries despite his time off.   

If you want results get hold of this gentleman then sit back and relax!

Once you have filled up his assessment form and received a positive reply you can get in touch with me via email and I would be happy to give you a personal referral myself.   Russ is the head of a great, winning team.  We are so grateful for his professional help and his friendship. Someone said that if you have good friends you are rich indeed.   

Good friends are priceless... and it is nice to know we have found a couple more friends   with Russ and Del.


Pat M.
Utah, USA
19th Sept 2003

Click to see family photo!


Dear Russ,

I can't believe my eyes! Waiver of interview and Medicals right away! Wow!

Thank you soooo much for all your help, I think I'm still in a state of shock....

Thanks again to you and Del for the careful and meticulous attention to every detail, great patience with my case and your moral ethics and integrity.

I tell you what Russ, I really don't know what to say as I'm excited yet so very scared at the same time. I suppose these are all natural feelings as I am about to embark on a major life change!!!

Thanks again Russ (I know I keep saying it and it hardly seems enough but I really don't know what else to say!!)

Shakil Ukani   (Click to see picture )

Sussex, UK
United Kingdom
12th Sept, 2003

PS: I am a Shia Ismaili Muslim. I have lived and worked in England all my life but a lot of my family and friends reside in Canada. I have visited Canada in the past I can say this with the utmost confidence, it is an awesome country! Dont wait any longer. Act now!

I won't kid you though, it's certainly no walk in the park trying to get all the paperwork and documentation prepared in order to apply and with the rules constantly changing, so for immigration you need all the help you can get. 

In that respect I think I'm very lucky to have come across Russ and his team at AI.  

Testimonial just sent in by Mr. Mel M from the UK. to CANADA NEWS FOR PUBLICATION  Click here to SEE PICTURE


Yes,  I got my Permanent Residence Visa without an interview.

I am going to meet Russ in Vancouver tomorrow morning and will complete my landing with his assistance.

I am so excited.

I look forward to making Canada my permanent home in the very near future.

The amazing thing and thanks to computers and the that I never met this gentleman in person.

During the period I processed this application, I changed two major jobs, my residence and went thru a whole lot of experiences that might have normally resulted in my being unable to carry on the process where I to do it myself.

Russ was very meticulous, knowledgeable and constantly  offered me very positive advice when ever I interacted with him.

You may contact me  if you wish to obtain a personalized referral.

However, you must have filled up the assessment form and have been approved by AI before you write to me. I can communicate in Spanish, German and English. I am based in the US. 

Thank You once again Russ.

Rob Volkel                                California       USA

29th August 2003







Arif Lakhani     Gujarat,    India                22nd August 2003

Click Here to see Arif and family!

Believing is Seeing!

Dear Russ,

We made it, thanks to Avatar Immigration Consultancy!

Canada is a Promised Land of opportunities and wellbeing. But the road is long and complex... Emigrating is a process that demands perseverance, a clear vision, and an experienced guide...

Like the 'sherpas' that help explorers in the Himalayas, Russell Monsurate has taken us through obstacles with a firm hand, since the very first day. A firm but friendly and warm hand.

His knowledge and permanent professional updating, his constant concern and his attention to every detail, have been the key for our family, including our three sons, having successfully completed the most critical steps of the process.

Today, barely three months from the date we received our File number, we are about to take our medical exams, some 90% of the road already covered.

Yes, we have been waived our interviews and have been issued with our medicals!!!

In doubtful moments, in confusing and uncertain situations, Russ’ friendly words, his emotional support and counseling as a veteran guide, have made the difference between persevering and surrendering.

Our gratitude to whom, besides delivering an outstanding professional service, is able to handle with wisdom the human side of those stepping on the road towards a new life!

José Mora   ~     Caracas, Venezuela.  22nd Aug 2003

We will remain available for further comments through this email:

Click here to see family picture!



¡Lo hemos logrado, gracias a Avatar Immigration Counseling!

Canadá es una Tierra Prometida de oportunidades y bienestar. Pero el camino es largo y complejo… Emigrar es un proceso que exige perseverancia, una visión clara y un guía experimentado…

Como los sherpas que guían a los escaladores en los Himalayas, Russ nos ha llevado a través de obstáculos con mano firme, desde el primer día. Una mano firme pero amistosa, cercana, cálida. Su conocimiento y actualización permanente, su preocupación constante y atención al más mínimo detalle han sido la clave para que nuestra familia, incluidos nuestros tres hijos, haya completado exitosamente las fases más críticas del proceso. Hoy, apenas 3 meses después de recibir nuestro File Number, estamos por hacer nuestros exámenes médicos, un 90% del recorrido.

¡Sí, hemos sido exceptuados de entrevistas y se nos han enviado las formas para exámenes médicos!

José y Beatriz Mora, de Caracas – Venezuela.



Dear Del and Russ,

Thanks for everything you have done!

I am extremely grateful and highly obliged for everything that you guys have done for me and thanks to God that I put my faith in your hands.

Here is my payment sent to you by Global Priority Post with a little something extra to symbolize my extreme satisfaction for your care and good work. It has been sent to you voluntarily.

Please have a great day!  You deserve it!

Sincerely Yours,

Kaushik Deb        New York  USA      12-08-2003



Hi Russ & Del,


Yes, I received it!!!. I have my our Visas stamped and I cant stop looking at them!. What a great day!   Wow!

A year and ten months ago I began my search for a genuine, hardworking and professional consultant over the internet. The moment I read the testimonials and filled up your assessment form,  I knew that my application was in safe hands.

You went the extra mile for me! Thank You.

I am proud to say that my interview was waived, you were very meticulous in the preparation of my case and  were extremely prompt in dealing with each and every request from CIC on my file. I would not have been able to do the same myself considering that most of the letters from CIC come with a 30 day deadline.

You checked and re-checked our forms, gave us advice on the funds we needed to show, helped us complete our FBI and Police Clearance Formalities, answered numerous email queries at all parts of the day and night, guided us the correct choice of a NOC Title and Number, updated us on the latest criteria with regard to the new rules and lastly you wrote a brilliant submission letter to CIC on our behalf.

My wife and I are very excited and plan to leave for Canada as soon as we get our Visas stamped. Needless to say, we will be retaining you for our landing services.

What can I say? I am at a total loss for words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We can think of no better way to repay you for your kindness and professionalism then by sending you our picture taken out in Bloomington,  Illinois, USA just a short while ago. We would be very happy to recommend you to any of our relatives and friends and to any readers who are browsing thru this web site right now.



Venkateswara Rao Lekkala                     31st July 2003

(See picture)   Bloomington, Illinois,   USA  (Ex-Vizag-India)



Dear Russ,

I am so overjoyed that Darren Tellis has got his HRDC Job Offer approval thru your expertise and Del's.

He was turned down by so many other consultants because he was not able to get the required marks under the new Immigration Laws since he did not have a Bachelors Degree to his credit.

I am looking forward to employing him as soon as he arrives. Keep me informed.....please....and...

Thank You, what a relief.



Ms. Peggy Amer
Sultan Jewels

Main Street, Vancouver BC Canada            30th May, 2003

Webmaster's note!

(This dynamic woman, came all the way from Bombay, India, with hardly any funds, set up Sultana Jewels, a retail outlet that sells women's fashion wear and accessories, single handedly without any financial backing.

A few years later, she has now opened yet another store, Sultana Saree Palace on Main Street itself!

Click here to see pictures of Sultana Jewels.

See Pictures 1,     2,      3.

If this is what a courageous, determined single mom from India can do, in spite of having  three children to care for in Vancouver, hardly any money to start with, and can achieve such success for herself then know that if she can do it so can you! 

Have faith in your vision and goals that's all I asked Peggy to have and go for it.


Russ 28th June, 2003

PS: For future Investors/Businessmen wanting to migrate to Canada and needing to start a business here in Vancouver, BC Canada Please email us and we will guide you should you have any plans to start a business. Ms. Peggy Amer is currently looking out for investors to help her with he second retail outlet and her desire to go global.



Dear Mr. Russell Monsurate,

Re: Landed Resident Status Effective 3rd January 2003 - UK Citizen - Donald Nettleton

My wife and I can now relax and get on with our lives here in Canada and it is thanks to you this has been achieved.

As you will recall, my wife Lucy, (who is Canadian) and I looked into emigrating from the UK to Canada almost two years ago. We studied the CIC website - too confusing. We visited the Canadian Embassy in London and were quite deflated by the bureaucracy and the disinterest. We tried to complete the forms we were given, but we seemed to fall just outside the long list of suitably qualified people that would be acceptable to the authorities. We almost gave up our dream of moving.

Then tragedy struck when I was diagnosed with a non curable cancer - slow spreading but eventually terminal.

Having decided to leave the UK when fully fit, we could see no reason to spend the rest of our precious time together in a country we did not want to be in.

There was a better life for us in Canada if only we could emigrate there. There was a clause on the CIC website that suggested that those with medical disorders that could be expensive to treat would be refused Permanent Residency.

Whilst looking through the numerous immigration websites we found AI. The services listed by AI were exactly what we were looking for. We needed to be guided through every step. We wanted assistance to be there when ever we had a question. We needed expertise that added clarity to a very complex process.

We met you both on a visit to Vancouver when we flew in from and were immediately most impressed by your kind and generous personalities, your positive attitude and your thorough knowledge of the legal and constitutional issues. We told you about my medical condition and your sympathy became a determination to have us accepted by the authorities. We had no doubts about signing up with AI.

Through your Immigration Diploma at the University of British Columbia you knew the timing of our application would be critical.

You 'handheld' us through every step of the process. You constantly kept us updated on the intended changes in the law.

Only when our application could go through unchallenged did you submit the critical documentation that contained the truth about my medical condition.

Finally my passport was returned to me with the permanent residents stamp in it - all I had to do now was enter Canada to activate it.

So on 3rd January 2003 we did just that. We both felt the stress drain from our minds. We can now enjoy our lives in this beautiful country.

But we should also point out that since meeting you, your power of positive thinking has meant that my medical condition has stabilized and my health not has deteriorated. Life is good.

Russ and Dell, we are so very pleased to have met you and with the way you handled our application for our permanent residency.

You are very special people and you will be in our hearts for ever.

Our very best wishes for a healthy and happy 2003

Donald and Lucy.
Kelowna, BC, Canada
10th July 2003


The Okanagan Valley has all kinds of water sports on the lake and hot summer nights on the beaches, large marina downtown, active sailing club, hike & bike the historic Kettle Valley Railway, most millionaires per capita in Canada and the fastest growing city in Canada in the last decade.


Dear Russ,  

We had gone to New Delhi to give the interview and then proceeded to visit Vaishno Devi's shrine at Jammu.

Train journey was tiresome but we both enjoyed our trip.

We have on 10th of May heard from the High Commission in Delhi, about the approval of my Permanent Residents visa.

I could do this with only your help and God' Grace.

We both are extremely thankful to your guidance and help throughout the immigration process.

We will be travelling on 21st of May via Pacific route taking Cathay Pacific flight.

We wish you every success in your venture and may God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity.   Thanking you once again,   Sincerely,  

Dr. Suman Prabhu

Bangalore India                                           10th May, 2003

( Here is a picture that they gave me when they dropped by to have lunch with  me in Vancouver, BC  a week ago, 23rd June 2003..Russ).



Dear Russ

I am writing to thank you on behalf of Heidi and myself for all your hard work in assisting us through the immigration process.

We are extremely grateful for the way in which you made such a complicated matter both easy and understandable. Had we attempted to complete the application ourselves I'm sure our case would not have seen such rapid progress.

The understanding you showed towards our situation was also a great help, as were the timely reassurances that our application was proceeding as planned.

The fact that the service you provide is relatively      inexpensive, in addition to being extremely professional, was also important considering all the other costs involved in the immigration process.

Once again please accept our heartfelt gratitude and rest assured that we will not hesitate to recommend AI to others.

Yours sincerely,

Jimmy and Heidi
United Kingdom

(CLICK HERE to See picture of Jimmy and Vancouver just after their marriage  Russ 23/06/2003).


I really appreciate all your help, you are a friend and gave me the best advices how were the best ways and things to get my parents and my wife's visas. It really worked. 

We are so happy, because of this great achievement, and you and your team were part of this important achievement.

Your support and all your professional work was so impressive. I think you have a new speed record to obtain a landed immigrant visa. less than 6 months since I collected all the necessary information until we got the visas. Very impressive.

And thanks again for this great work !!!

Felipe Lenero               



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