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To become successful you must be a person of action.
Merely to "know" is not sufficient.
It is necessary to both know and do.

- Napoleon Hill

Canada Immigration Services

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Doctors, lawyers, architects and other professionals who run their own practice are now eligible to immigrate as investors.  Fill out an assessment right now!

Immigration to Canada with Avatar

Avatar Immigration vs. Do It Yourself

Step 1 - Deciding if Canada is right for you

The most common problem is the decision making process itself.  If you've already decided to make Canada your future home then please skip this section and go straight to Step 2 below.

Still with me? Hmm.  I was hoping Canada would sell itself and I wouldn't have to write this section.

If you're still in the planning stages you are probably a little confused and look a bit like this guy in the picture above. Well then, the first thing you'll need to do after scheduling a makeover with your stylist, is to put both your hands down because you'll need at least one of them on the mouse to navigate this website.

Right about now you're probably still deciding about whether or not you want to immigrate to Canada.  You (obviously) love the country, and you don't really like the situation you're in now, but there are still a lot of questions...

Questions like:

  • Do I really want free Health Care for my family?
  • Free Schooling and Subsidized University tuition. Do my kids need it?
  • Can I live in a peaceful and accepting multicultural society?
  • Will I find a job that I like in Canada? 
  • What investment opportunities are available to me?
  • How much do groceries cost?
  • How long does it take to immigrate to Canada?
  • Are Canadian women good looking?
  • Do the men have a great sense of humour and a bank account to match?
  • Is the parliament building really a big igloo?

    They are all very important questions and you shall have the answers to them soon enough. There are lots of pages on this site which will give you information about finding a job before immigrating to Canada, finding a job after immigrating to Canada and even give you a sampling of the current prices of simple supermarket items.   For more information on Canada in general please feel free to spend a lot of time doing research, but don't take too long and here's why...

    Processing Times!

    In many countries around the world, including previously quick immigration posts such as London, processing times have skyrocketed.  Some countries have processing times exceeding 11 years for certain applications.

    That's why we highly recommend that if you are serious about immigrating to Canada, you move to step 2 as quickly as possible!


    Step 2 - Assessing Your Qualifications

    Yes unfortunately you really do have to qualify to immigrate to Canada, and let me tell you, Canada is really picky.

    Because Canada is not willing to let just anyone into its club, there's lots of motivation for people to try and get in! ;-)

    So how do you "get in"?

    To get into Canada you have to write and pass the Immigration "Entrance Exam", so to speak.  There are different entrance exams for different kinds of people, depending on whether you want to immigrate as a skilled worker, manager, business person, investor, be sponsored by a relative or spouse, or come in via one of the lesser known routes.

    Click on one of the four links above to continue your journey.

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